Findings from an APA survey mentioned in this online article state that, "Eighty-one percent of Americans reported global uncertainty as one of their top sources of stress," (The great unknown..., 2021.), and walking provides an immediate escape. Although the act may be temporary, it may be enough to permanently change how you live your life. Walking is tied to reduced cortisol levels or stress. The less negative stress our bodies endure, the easier it is to regulate hypertension. Regulated blood pressure means good blood supply circulation to your whole system--especially the Brain. Depression has been linked to decreased activity in the brain compared to a nondepressed brain, in a PET scan analysis by Mayo Clinic. Additionally, in a trial study, "participants  showed reduced psychological stress symptoms and improved quality of life compared to no study intervention." ( M. Teut, E. J. Roesner, M. Ortiz, F. Reese, S. Binting, S. Roll, H. F. Fischer, A. Michalsen, S. N. Willich, B. Brinkhaus , 2013.)


That's the beauty of walking, you can walk long and far, you can walk circles and not go very far. You can even walk in place (marching) or on a treadmill at home or at the gym. You can take your walk somewhere you always wanted to explore, your favorite scenic nature spot. You can take a walk and explore the urbanscape, or stay in your neighborhood and just walk your roads or parks. Walking is the most accessible form of exercise for almost anyone on Earth. (See our meditation / Deep breathing exercise for the #1 most universal form of exercise.)


Do not worry about your outfit, your shoes, or your fitness level. Do not think about where or how long or how far you would like to go. The best way to start walking is to just START. As you start using walking exercise more and more, the rest will figure itself out. You may find out you prefer flat shoes to make you feel more grounded, you may learn which fabric materials suit your walks best, you may learn that you like to go far distances, or that you like to stay in one area. You may learn that you like to walk alone, with a pet, or with your family. Perhaps you may learn that you do not like walking much and would like to learn about more exercise types that can help you de-stress and achieve inner peace. You heard right, walking is NOT the only means. Check out our other suggested exercise in the menu! 


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